Established in 2014, by Owner Shardey Olynyk, Na Lia Weddings is an international wedding photography business for couples that desire authentic and honest imagery

The name “Na Lia” meaning “I love you” in the African language of Vai, originates from Shardey having an African/Ukrainian background and wanting a name that would not only reflect her passion but represent her ethnic heritage as well.

“I have this image of my great grandparents wedding day, my Baba decorated with a flower crown that was draped with a veil. Her short dark pixie cut hair brushed straight, adorning a mid length minimalist white dress paired with thick white stockings and the same polished black shoes she wore until her last days. I always think to myself, how lucky am I to have this (over 100 year old) moment in my hands."

It’s so much more than a passion, there’s an invested emotional interest in providing couples with that same feeling.

With the influence of photographers running through the family, the idea of creating tangible heirlooms for clients was an undeniable career path.

With an impeccable academic record, Shardey Olynyk graduated with distinction from Melbourne's prestigious RMIT University with a Bachelor of Arts in photography. Her remarkable talent has graced countless celebrations, capturing the essence of love and devotion through her lens. Recognized by esteemed digital platforms such as VOGUE, Hello May, Junebug Weddings, The Anti-Bride, Nouba, and Dancing With Her, Na Lia Weddings has solidified her position as a sought after photographer in the luxury wedding industry.