Personality, Editing Style & Education!

Distinctive Character - We understand the significance of your wedding day and the importance of a harmonious relationship with your photographer throughout the entire event. We take great pride in providing an exceptional experience by blending a delightful personality with utmost professionalism. Our clients have consistently praised our affable demeanour and ability to maintain a seamless schedule, ensuring your peace of mind. From capturing the heartfelt moments during your ceremony to joining in all the fun on the dance floor, we infuse every occasion with genuine warmth and infectious positivity.

Refined Editing Style - In the realm of wedding photography, two predominant editing styles, bright and airy or dark and moody, have gained popularity. Our approach seamlessly blends elements from both, resulting in a distinctive aesthetic that transcends fleeting trends. Through meticulous refinement, we have mastered the art of creating timeless images that remain captivating for generations to come. Our expert editing techniques preserve the richness, clarity, and sharpness of each photograph, striking the perfect balance without excessive exaggeration.

Unparalleled Expertise - With a profound passion for photography, I embarked on a comprehensive academic journey, culminating in the successful completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography with honors from Melbourne, Australia. Throughout my rigorous education, I honed my technical skills, focusing on mastering lighting and composition. Imbued with an unwavering commitment to excellence, I spent three immersive years with a camera in hand, fostering unwavering confidence in my abilities. Rest assured, you are entrusting your precious memories to reliable, capable and professional hands.

By choosing our luxury high-end services, you are not merely investing in stunning photographs but in an exclusive experience that will elevate your wedding day to new heights. We invite you to embrace our unparalleled artistry and unwavering dedication as we capture your cherished moments with grace and sophistication.

WHAT sets us apart?

June - July 2023 - Australia
June 2023 - Italy
August - September 2023 - Italy
September 2023 - Australia
October 2023-2025 - Can/EU/AUS



“John and I felt so looked after. She really made it about us and always asked us what we would like, rather than pushing us to do anything. We could tell she was genuinely invested in capturing our love and commitment.”


- jasmine, bride

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02. Let’s Plan

I'll arrange a video chat or if you're nearby we will grab a coffee and go through your timeline and decide which package would best suit your needs.  

03. Lock It In!

After a deposit is paid, your wedding date is confirmed and we will organise a pre-wedding session to get you prepared for your big day.