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Planning your Wedding During COVID-19 [2021 Update]

Weddings during a pandemic can be tough, as the world has come to a standstill and people are kept apart – but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your love!

We took these beautiful wedding photos right here in the middle of the global pandemic:

planning your wedding covid-19 2021
planning your wedding covid-19 2021

Nobody expected life to be this way – cancelled events, postponed weddings, self-isolation, lockdowns, quarantine …

Plan your wedding now – restrictions have eased!

Since 26 March 2021, weddings in Victoria can now be held both indoors and outdoors, there are no limits on the amount of people who can attend … and you’re allowed to dance!

Wedding venues still must apply the two square metre rule and keep an electronic record of who attends. People should also wear a face mask.

But the rules can change …

… at a moment’s notice! There’s nothing worse than paying for an expensive wedding, only to have another lockdown.

Here’s how you can best plan for your wedding during COVID-19, updated for 2021:

1. Review agreements with your venue

Don’t enter into an inflexible agreement with a venue. Make sure the agreement allows you to postpone, reschedule or do whatever you have to do to ensure your wedding goes smoothly.

Be careful that you don’t have to pay a massive fee if you need to reschedule.

A stitch in time saves nine – be strong on this position now, to avoid a whole heap of stress later.

For more information, read my guide on picking the perfect wedding venue.

planning your wedding covid-19 2021

2. Don’t delay looking (and booking)

The longer you leave it (especially now, when restrictions are over), the chances are you may miss out!

You’ll need to allow some more time to search for the perfect venue due to all the different COVID-19 conditions imposed by each supplier.

Vendors will also be every busy now … trying to fit everybody in who missed their wedding during the lockdowns we’ve had! Secure a date as quickly as you can to avoid disappointment.

3. Keep up communication with your venue

Communication is key. You should always be talking to the people who are putting your wedding together. Constantly be seeking updates and keep the information flowing.

Sit down with your vendor (either virtually or physically) and make sure you discuss everything that could possibly happen – including the worst.

Every action has a reaction – so make sure you have a plan B for each little thing that doesn’t go to plan (whether it be the cleaner getting sick, the cake supplier closing their doors or the wedding celebrant needing to self-isolate).

planning your wedding covid-19 2021

4. Stick to your budget

In our era of uncertainty, don’t spend more than what you initially plan. Even in normal times, weddings are expensive. The pandemic has led some suppliers to charge extra – whether that be to give them some security or simply just to keep themselves afloat.

Make sure you know where your money goes and keep track so that you don’t overspend (it can be very easy to get carried away!)

Also make sure you know if you have to pay any cancellation fees – don’t get blindsided, as many couples have in the past!

5. Know the restrictions (and keep your eye on the news)

The best way to be prepared is to stay informed. Know what you have to do, and make sure it gets done.

Keep your eye on the Victorian Government’s webpage on ceremonies. As we said before, the rules can change at a moment’s notice.

6. Keep your wedding small

We know …. it’s a bit of a bummer …

Venues are still required to apply the “two square metre rule” – you can read more about that on the Victorian Government’s website here.

But if you keep your big day, a small day, then you’ll avoid the uncomfortable position of needing to ‘un-invite’ people or – worse – cancel your wedding altogether.

And don’t worry! A small wedding doesn’t have to be all bad! Small weddings tend to be a lot more intimate, more affordable and less stressful!

planning your wedding covid-19 2021

7. Get a flexible wedding photographer!

Keep the amazing feelings of your wedding alive with amazing wedding photos. You don’t want your wedding going ahead, only to find out your wedding photographer can’t be there!

Make sure you get yourself a flexible photographer, who can accompany you at your wedding if it needs to be postponed.

At Na Lia Weddings, we have a very flexible ‘pandemic policy’ allowing you to reschedule your big day to any day I am available in the calendar year of your wedding, without paying a change fee. Please contact me to discuss my terms!

To ensure planning for COVID-19 wedding looks great (and just like a non-COVID wedding), you and I can have a mini engagement session or prepare a customised shot list to make sure you get exactly what you need from your photos.

You can have a look at all my packages here. I’m a professional wedding photographer in Melbourne, and keen to take photos on your big day.

If you’re in Victoria, planning your COVID-19 wedding in 2021, and are looking for some amazing photography, let’s talk!

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Planning your Wedding During COVID-19 [2021 Update]



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