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Do I Feed the Wedding Photographer? The Answer is Easy.

It’s awesome that you’ve found your soulmate and are now getting ready for the big day. But the burning question probably remains: Do I Need to Feed the Wedding Photographer.

You think the photographer is amazing, has a great style and you’re confident that they are going to take some exquisite photos.

But you don’t know if you should give them food. Catering is expensive, and you ideally would like it reserved for your guests (of which there are many).

And besides, you’re paying them a lot to be there. So can’t they just get their own food?

No need to worry, I can give you the answer to that very common question right now.

Do I Feed the Wedding Photographer
Mmmm…surely my photographer doesn’t like donuts (or cake) and won’t want any.

Do I need to feed the wedding photographer?

Only if you want to. But you should discuss their preference up front.

There’s no requirement that you feed them (unless it actually says that in your contract).

But your photographer will be there for your big day – the whole day. They might be there for up to 12 hours. It might be even more if they have to drive a long distance or stay overnight.

And at the end the day, food is their petrol. A photographer who is well energised, is bound to take some amazing wedding photos.

They might bring their own small snacks, whether it be noodles, nut bars or chocolate. They’ll probably bring their own drinks, like water or gatorade. The photographer might even bring their own lunch.

But, at the end of the day, they’ve got a job that doesn’t stop. Breaks aren’t really a thing. Most photographers will guzzle down their food as quickly as possible so they don’t miss a crucial moment that’ll make an awesome photo.

When would my wedding photographer eat?

Okay, so you might want to feed them. But when would they eat? As I said, we don’t really take breaks!

Well the answer is simple: they eat when you eat.

Think about – it’s really the only time during your entire day when the photographer isn’t snapping any photos: when the newlyweds (and their guests) are busy eating.

Your guests probably won’t appreciate someone with a camera snooping around and taking a photo of them stuffing their face!

The photographer doesn’t have sit with you, or eat for three hours. Simply provide them a quiet place away from the crowd, allow them to energise themselves and they’ll get right back into it.

How to ask your photographer if they want food at all

You’re probably scared to ask the obvious: so, do you eat? Um..yes.

When you’re meeting your photographer for the very first time, simply ask them: “Do you bring your own food on the day?”

Trust me. Us photographers hear this question all time. We won’t (or, at least, we shouldn’t) get offended.

We get that you’re already paying lots of money for catering, but are still probably embarrassed to ask us. That’s perfectly fine – we will let you know up front.

If in doubt, check the contract (and discuss)

If you’re in doubt as to whether you need to feed the wedding photographer, discuss it with them before hand.

I always recommend meeting with your photographer up front to ask them everything you need to do so there are no surprises on the big day (when all you want to do is have an amazing time).

And if you didn’t do that, check your contract with the phographer. You might be legally obligated to provide them a hot meal! Or maybe even a three course feed!

So there’s no need to stress.

Interest in more wedding photography tips? Here’s my updated guide on planning a wedding.

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Do I Feed the Wedding Photographer? The Answer is Easy.



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