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The 5 Dreamiest Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Congratulations! You’ve sealed the love deal with your partner and are ready to celebrate the occasion If you’re looking to get married in Melbourne, chances are you may have looked around a few places for a venue.

There are literally countless options to choose from, and it can certainly get overwhelming.

Let me help you out!

I’ve put together a list of five of the dreamiest and affordable wedding venues in Melbourne I know. And because I’m a wedding photographer, you’ll get to see some of the photos I’ve taken of these amazing places.

Read on below!

1. Quat Quatta

Enter the Victorian mansion – a truly magical place.

And an affordable one – only between $90 to $170 per person.

This place just screams glory – with supremely gorgeous ceilings, remarkable staircases, a parquetry dance floor.

Go into the courtyard, where you can enjoy the fountain and the bars outside. The food is absolutely divine – in fact, it’s so good that it’s been entered into the Hall of Fame for Aussie restaurants and caterers,

At this beautiful venue, you’ll be allowed 50-160 guests (if they’re sitting down) or 200 cocktail.

2. Yarra Valley Estate

The Yarra Valley is truly magical.

If you’re looking to have a rustic feel to your wedding (at only $99 to $145 per person) and surrounded by the beautiful Yarra environment, look no further than the Estate.

You’ll be granted with amazing window views of nature, no matter where you in the venue, with in-house catering that actually serves food grown in the estate!

What’s even cooler is that you can take tours at the nearby wildlife shelter. This will truly make your wedding memorable!

3. The National Hotel

The National Hotel in Richmond is the perfect place to have a relaxed, joyous and mesmerising wedding.

You’ll need to pay a 10% deposit of a minimum spend (which differs depending on the day of the week, but it’s generally $1,000).

The Hotel’s Garden Parlour allows up to 36 seats (and 70 standing), and you can make it completely your own place. There’s a chilled out beer garden next stoor, creating super relaxed vibes for your big day.

There’s a private bar, with also a huge TV and a microphone – allowing you display some beautiful pre wedding photos of you and your special someone.

The furniture is also flexible, so you can move around however you please.

4. St. Andrews Conservatory

I absolutely love the romantic air that surrounds this beautiful conservatory.

If you decide to have a cocktail wedding, you’ll pay:

  • Package A – $130 per person (you’ll get 10 choices from the menu)
  • Package B – $140 per person (with 12 choices)
  • Package C – $150 per person (with 14 choices).

You can see all the detail in their cocktail wedding package here.

If you’re instead keen on having a seated wedding, you’ll need to pay:

  • Package A – $160 per person (and get a four-course meal)
  • Package B – $175 per person (with a five-course meal)

See their seated wedding package here.

They can host a whopping 160 people at their venue with a cocktail wedding – with a dance floor! Although that number drops to 120 people if you’d rather a seated occasion.

5. The Main Hall at The Brunswick Mess Hall

This place is certainly dreamy.

And the best part? You won’t have to sell your kidney to have a great time. You’ll be treated to:

  • The Standard Banquet – only comes at $35 per person.
  • Hungry Panda Banquet – comes at $48 per person.
  • Special Feasting – arrives a $60 per person.
  • Extravagant Feasting -if your guests are super hungry, $70 per person.

The catch? You and your guests need to spend a minimum amount while you’re there.

Take a look at their menu and packages here.

With a venue for capacity of up to 50 people and located super close to Brunswick Station, you’ll get to have a romantic evening underneath stylish ceilings coated in ivy.

You’ll be treated to a banquet of delicious Thai treats and of course have a luxury of amazing cocktails to choose from.

Although there plenty of exquisite rooms at the Brunswick, there’s something special about the Main Hall.

I just love the entire atmosphere – a combination of cosy warmth and jungle fever! You’re sure to have a remarkable wedding day here!

Still trying to find the right affordable wedding venues in Melbourne?

You’re gonna need someone to take pictures.

I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Melbourne, and I’ve taken photos at more wedding venues across Victoria that I can count!

I can give you some awesome recommendations – in fact, you can read my guide on choosing on the perfect wedding venue. And while I’m at it, I may as well be your photographer!

Get in touch with me today to discuss my affordable wedding photography packages so we can get ready for your big day!

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The 5 Dreamiest Wedding Venues in Melbourne



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