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How to Get Your Wedding Featured in Vogue Magazine

Has it been a dream of yours to have your wedding featured in a publication before?

Could you imagine flipping through the pages of one of the most prestigious fashion and lifestyle magazines in the world and seeing your wedding!?

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to make your wedding an extraordinary affair and increase your chances of getting it featured in Vogue. To be totally honest I have heard through the grapevine that Vogue is only taking on celebrity and influencer weddings now but you may still have a chance in British Vogue.

Embrace Unique Themes and Concepts: Vogue Magazine is known for its emphasis on style, elegance, and innovation. To catch the attention of its discerning editors, consider embracing a wedding theme or concept that stands out. Whether it’s a vintage designer gown or a custom unique dress from an upcoming designer to a modern minimalist gathering, make sure your wedding showcases a distinct aesthetic and personality.

Pay Attention to Fashion and Style: Vogue is renowned for its love of fashion and trendsetting. For a chance to grace the pages of this iconic magazine, pay attention to every detail of your attire. Select exquisite wedding attire that reflects your personal style, from the bride’s gown to the groom’s suit. Collaborate with a talented stylist and create an ensemble that will make heads turn and capture the imagination of the fashion-forward Vogue team.

Choose An Epic Venue: The location of your wedding plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of Vogue’s editors. Seek out breathtaking venues with distinctive architecture, picturesque landscapes, or unusual settings that evoke a sense of wonder. Whether it’s a grand historical mansion, a luxurious rooftop with panoramic city views, or an intimate beachside retreat, the venue should reflect the essence of your wedding vision and provide a backdrop that enchants and captivates.

Hire a Talented Wedding Photographer: To get your wedding featured in Vogue, you need to ensure that every moment is expertly captured by a skilled wedding photographer. Look for a photographer with a distinctive style, a keen eye for detail, and experience in capturing weddings. Review their portfolio to ensure their work aligns with Vogue’s aesthetic. Collaborate with your photographer to create a shot list that includes unique angles, candid moments, and editorial-worthy images that truly showcase the essence of your wedding. Check out my most recent wedding Vogue feature that I second shot alongside the talented Jack Henry:

Infuse Personalisation and Creativity: Vogue loves weddings that exude personal touches and creativity. Add unique elements to your wedding that reflect your love story, interests, or cultural heritage. Incorporate personalised stationery, signature cocktails, custom décor, or interactive installations. Vogue Magazine appreciates weddings that push boundaries and embrace innovative ideas, so let your imagination run wild.

Make Time For Unique Moments: Aside from the wedding ceremony and reception, Vogue looks for memorable moments and emotional connections between couples, families, and friends. Plan your wedding timeline to include special events such as pre-wedding shoots, intimate candid moments, and unique traditions. Vogue values authenticity and emotions, so ensure that your wedding captures the love, joy, and laughter shared throughout the day.

Submit Your Story: Once your wedding celebration is over and your photographs have been carefully curated, it’s time for your photographer to submit your story to Vogue Magazine. Visit their website and follow their submission guidelines (send it to the Editor), which typically require a brief summary of your wedding, select photographs, and any relevant details about your unique wedding vision. 

Conclusion:Getting your wedding featured in Vogue Magazine is an exciting prospect that requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a touch of creativity. By embracing unique themes, paying attention to fashion and style, choosing a stunning venue, hiring a talented photographer, infusing personalisation and creativity.

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How to Get Your Wedding Featured in Vogue Magazine



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