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6 Reasons Why The Olympus MJU-II 110 Is The Ultimate 35mm Film Must Have!

In the world of film photography, finding the perfect camera is akin to discovering a hidden gem. For myself, that gem is the Olympus MJU-II 110. Let’s delve into the six reasons why this 35mm wonder has become an indispensable companion in capturing the magic of weddings.

  1. Size: Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

The sleek and stylish design of the Olympus MJU-II 110 is extremely practical. The compact size allows for effortless maneuverability, making it a breeze to pull in and out of your pocket, especially when you’re already equipped with two cameras. This convenience ensures you never miss a moment, a crucial aspect of wedding photography. With one roll in a pocket and this camera in the other, it’s perfect!

 2. Fast Autofocus: Never Miss a Beat

In the fast-paced world of weddings, a reliable autofocus system is non-negotiable. The MJU-II 110 excels in this department, delivering lightning-fast focus without skipping a beat. This feature has been a game-changer, ensuring that every moment is captured with precision and clarity.

3. Sharpness that Speaks Volumes

One of the hallmarks of a great camera is its ability to produce sharp and vibrant images. The MJU-II 110’s lens does exactly that, providing stunning clarity that was notably absent in my previous Canon Ae-1 Program. The sharpness and vibrancy of the photos were in every wedding shot, elevating the overall quality of the captured memories. With a roll of 36 I am usually keeping around 33!

4. Weather-Sealed Warrior: Ready for Anything

Weddings often unfold in unpredictable weather conditions, and the MJU-II 110 rises to the challenge. Its weather-sealed construction instills confidence, allowing you to shoot in various conditions and locations without compromising on image quality. Rain or shine, this little beast is ready to work!

5. User-Friendly Brilliance

In the midst of a bustling wedding day, the last thing a photographer needs is a complex camera interface. The Olympus MJU-II 110, with its intuitive controls, eliminates unnecessary complications. I appreciate the simplicity, rarely needing to adjust settings. It’s either flash on or off, allowing for a seamless shooting experience.

6. Film Requests for 2024/2025

Meeting client requests is a crucial aspect of any photography business, and the MJU-II 110 has proven to be a versatile ally. With an increasing demand for film, we now offer it as an add-on to wedding packages. Using only the renowned Portra 400 film, this has transitioned us away from black and white, confident in the ability to edit color images to monochrome when necessary.

In conclusion, the love for the Olympus MJU-II 110 in wedding photography is not just a passing trend—it’s a genuine appreciation for a camera that combines style, functionality, and reliability. 

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6 Reasons Why The Olympus MJU-II 110 Is The Ultimate 35mm Film Must Have!



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