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How To Choose a Venue Location for your European Destination Wedding 2024

Here are some key tips to ensure you select the best location for your celebration.

Venice wedding

1. Reflect on Your Style:

   Begin by reflecting on your personal style and the atmosphere you envision for your wedding day. For us Italy was our #1 because of the aesthetic and the food!

2. Consider Accessibility:

   Think about travel logistics, visa requirements, and the overall convenience for your loved ones. We knew we wanted Italy but we also knew we wanted everyone to choose somewhere direct from Canada and easy to get to for the Irish on my husbands side, so Rome was our final choice. 

3. Weather Matters:

   Research the climate of potential locations during your desired wedding month. Ensure you choose a season that aligns with your preferences and minimizes the risk of unexpected weather disruptions.

4. Legalities and Requirements:

   Different countries and regions have varying legal requirements for weddings. This will save you from last-minute surprises and ensure your union is legally recognized. We decided to have a legal ceremony in Australia so we could do the symbolic ceremony at our Italian villa.

Italy wedding, venice wedding, wedding photography

5. Guest Accommodations:

   Investigate the accommodation options available for your guests. Negotiate group rates if possible to make the experience more affordable for your attendees.

6. Venue Options:

   Consider both ceremony and reception spaces to ensure they meet your requirements. Make sure you’re asking lots of questions so there’s no surprises, this is when a planner comes in handy especially if there is a language barrier.

  1. Local Vendors and Services:

Having a reliable local team can alleviate stress and ensure a seamless wedding day. With that being said, we did fly in one of our musicians because we really loved his acoustic vibe so do what will work within the budget.

8. Budgetary Considerations:

   Set a realistic budget and stick to it. We also included our honeymoon into the budget and planned for 1.5 years to be able to have it all paid off. We requested no gifts as we felt the trip for everyone was more than enough.

9. Visit the Location if Possible:

   If feasible, visit your chosen destination before finalizing any plans. This allows you to experience the ambiance firsthand, meet with local vendors, and iron out any logistical details.

10. Personal Connection: Can you choose a destination that holds personal significance for you as a couple. James and I have always loved Italy so it was really a no brainer for us.

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How To Choose a Venue Location for your European Destination Wedding 2024



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