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Nailing Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot (and What to Wear)

Looking to absolutely nail your pre wedding photoshoot?

Here’s my complete guide on fully preparing for one of the most romantic moments of your life – including, fundamentally, what to wear.

Rocking up to your planned pre wedding photo sessions (and knowing exactly what to expect) is critical to making sure you get what you want on the day. To do this, you’ll need to know:

  1. What a pre wedding photoshoot actually is
  2. How long it will take
  3. What to wear (and not to wear)
  4. How to pose for a shoot – and:
  5. Picking the right wedding photographer

What is a pre wedding photoshoot?

A pre wedding photoshoot (also commonly known as an engagement photoshoot) is a planned session with a professional wedding photographer to take amazing photos of you and your partner.

Typically, they’re taken 2-6 months before the big wedding day.

couple in a forest during pre wedding photoshoot

Pre wedding photoshoots are an absolutely essential stepping stone to having a fabulous wedding, because:

  • You’ll establish a bond with your photographer (making sure they’re the right fit for your wedding)
  • You’ll generate the perfect emotions with your fiancée as a precursor to the celebrations
  • You can use them on stunning wedding invitations
  • You can share them on social media
  • You can get your guests super excited for the big day
  • You’ll have a collection of memories to share forever

How long will the shoot take?

That all depends on you (and the location)!

I’ve taken photos in all sorts of wonderful places, from remote areas and the beach to the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Some of them take a lot longer than others!

Depending on your schedule, we could have a shoot that lasts from 2 hours to 10 hours!

pre wedding photography  of couple walking on a cliff

What do I wear to a pre wedding photoshoot?

Ah, this is the question that stumps everybody.

But the answer is simple, and can answered by looking at three factors.

Match your surroundings

What you wear will depend on the location you choose to shoot.

If you’re taking photos in a spacious area, consider wearing a ballgown.

If you’re looking to take photos somewhere a bit more playful, maybe something a bit more casual.

If you’re out in the country, maybe even consider denim shirts or a very light outfit.

Prepare for weather (rain, hail or shine)!

If you’re having a pre shoot in the middle of winter, don’t wear a summer dress! Where something warm!

If you’re shooting on a hot summer’s day, wear something floaty and maybe some groovy sunnies. Wear a really nice shirt too.

Make sure you’re comfortable

I’ll stress this one. Engagement photos needs to show who you really are.

So you must wear something you’re comfortable in.

If you’re constantly stopping to adjust your heels (because your feet are burning), or tidying up your hair (because you’ve spent hours making it look perfect), it’ll disrupt your rhythm.

At the same time – if you want to wear the clothes you’ll wear to your actual wedding, that’s completely fine too! Many people use the engagement photoshoot as an opportunity to practice for the big day.

Ditch my glasses?

There’s no right or wrong answer on this one.

If you can’t see anything without them, I’d suggest wearing them. Don’t worry about reflections – I know how to use light to position you in a way that reflection won’t be a problem. Your glasses will look completely natural.

Of course, if you think you look better without your glasses, just wear contact lenses.

“I can’t pose”: is that a problem?


To be honest, nobody knows how to pose. We aren’t fashion models. We’re regular people who’ve fallen in love.

I’m the photographer, so let me make you feel comfortable in front of my lens. I’ll prompt you, guide you and make you look like you know how to ‘pose’!

Choose the right location (and make it meaningful)!

Pick somewhere you love, with a beautiful vibe or a location you have a special connection with with your other half.

It could be somewhere where something important happened in your life. It could be somewhere where you evolved in your relationship.

The location will certainly affect the entire mood and, consequentially, how you interact with your loved on. If you’re surrounded in a place you love, your best emotions will come out of you.

And that’s what makes a superb pre wedding photoshoot.

Choose the best wedding photographer you can find

Some wedding photographers (like me) include your engagement photos with your wedding photos as part of a package!

That way, you can get the whole deal for one affordable price. You won’t have to worry about any unexpected ‘add-ons’ at any time.

Scroll down to the bottom and click the link to my wedding photography packages!

Be honest!

Don’t be shy to tell me exactly want you want from your engagement shoot.

Most importantly, be honest with each other. You’ve had an amazing journey with your other half up until now. Look into each other’s eyes as we take the photos, laugh with each other and celebrate your quirks. I want to really capture what’s beautiful about you as as couple!

Just let it happen…

The best part about an engagement photoshoot is that it unfolds without planning.

You don’t need to know exactly where every photo is going to be taken.

You don’t need to specify all the when, where, why and how.

It’s supposed to be natural, and that just means ‘running where the wind takes you’.

Nobody can plan a rainbow.

Want an amazing pre wedding photoshoot in Melbourne?

I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Melbourne that’s completely dedicated to capturing your wedding journey down to its essence (and don’t worry – I’m also affordable)!

Liked the photos in this blog post?

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Nailing Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot (and What to Wear)



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